25 July 2010

Our new life is the three Fs - Fun, fluid and free

I have been so busy, that I have not spent much time on the computer at all since moving early last month. Today it is only becasue I am home alone, and have been since before midday - ah, a perfect opportunity. Although, try as I might, it would be difficult to bring the blog up to date about all the fun things I've been up to. So, i thought I might just share a few of the more memorable ... not in any specific order ...
I helped my sister Leah start a quilt. She is using limes, pinks and oranges and the Friendship Spool pattern.
I made marmalade today. My poppy used to make it, and since he died almost 20 years ago I have not had it much at all. Today I felt inspired to make some, I hope Pop is proud.
We have chooks now, and we get about 4 eggs a day. It is so nice to be able to give fresh eggs to your friends and family (we cant possibly get thru them all).
The kids and I planted some vegies in the garden - leeks, onions, garbage and lettuce.
We have lots of friends come to visit since we moved here, and it is so nice being able to have them come and stay, eat and play. We even zip down to Terrigal beach for a coffee and the kids play in the sand.
I get to read books and magazines in our 'cozy' room - that's the one where the combustion fire is on day and night.
It's such a nice change from being stuck inside a 'box', literally and figuratively, as we were in Sydney. Our life is now free, fluid and fun. The kids are so happy, Phillip is embarking on setting up his business, I get to work from home and all's well in Matcham! All I lack is some stitching time! That is next on my agenda. Erica? ...