26 November 2011

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25 November 2011

Red Lantern Markets

From what I can understand this is an annual event. I can also gather that the organisers have had trouble raising sponsorship. BUT, it sounds really good, and deserves support.

It includes a large cultural program with music, performance, an operational rickshaw and a partnership with Livesites who will create a program of Dancing in the Street. Renew Newcastle projects will participate and open their doors to partake in the festival.

Additionally, and this is the bit that sounds the b.e.s.t to me - visitors have the opportunity of viewing and purchasing unique handmade and fair-trade goods direct from the artisan/maker and experiencing exotic food from Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Spain, Africa, Greece and Turkey.

Sounds good eh, so if you are local, or close enough to make the trip, do so!

I am visiting my aunt and uncle's on Saturday night, and they live in upper Hunter valley, The red Lantern markets sound like a good idea for a evening out!

Check out more here ...

23 November 2011

Then there were three

three cushions, that is.

Here is the up-cycled sweater, three cushions. I had intended to make two rectangular cushions, because I thought that shape would accommodate the best area of the knitted pieces.
Then, because I was on a roll, (or so I thought), I decided to patch together some of the smaller pieces with fabrics. That my friend was where things got a bit tricky. I didn't realise just how accustomed to sewing on stable cotton fabric I had become. Boy oh boy those knits and stretch fabrics were going all over the place.
However, all's well that ends well, and if Jake likes them, that is all ok. I will be giving them to him tonite, so I will soon know.
x dls

16 November 2011

Up-cycling my son's knitted sweater

Once Aponce A Time, more than 16 years ago, my mother knitted this divine Aran-style sweater for my son Jake (who is now 26).

Sadly, he wasn't too fussed with it, and the few times he did wear it it was under sufferance. I held on to that sweater no matter what, simply because of the time and love that had gone into it. This year I tried to get my now-11-year-old son, Mason, to wear it, nope, he isn't keen either.

I have unpicked the seams, which were so beautifully stitched mummy, I could barely see them! I have cut the ribbing off. I am planning to make some cushions. Jake has recently moved into a new flat with his girlfriend, so I thought these cushions would be useful, plus satisfy my desires that the hand-work is still cherished.

I hope to complete them soon, I will post a photo when they are done.

x dls

Or, I could make a bag like this vintage bag I found online just now - here - take a look, they are selling the pattern. What a fab idea!

11 November 2011

Annemieke's Book!

OOOPs, deadline slipped straight past me, that's what happens when I am working simultaneously on content for two different magazines - Down Under Quilts and Creative Expressions Down Under. Anyway, enough of the excuses ...

and, the winner is ......

Christine.. (and not just because she said how much she liked my quilt on the front cover of #150 tehe), so Christine, email me you address details and I will send this glorious book to you and you and your grand-daughter can enjoy it together.

To Upcycle, or not to Upcycle?

HOW could it be upcycled? and if not, HOW do you throw it away?

I couldn't just put it in the bin, I couldnt take it to the tip, maybe I should put it in a Good Will bin and let them deal with it, heartlessly, but out of my sight?

Mum made this quilt for me around 15-20 years ago, it has been my favourite for many reasons. I love the colours, it is very warm and snuggly and the perfect size for keeping warm on the lounge. As you can see I have loved it to death! Look at those tears and frays, and every corner has damage, and the binding is wearing thin ...

oh, what to do?

03 November 2011

2011 Quilt Festival Winners

As far as I can see two Australian quiltmakers have won awards at this year's major quilt competition. Check out all the winners yourself here.

Congratulations go to Ming Hsu of SA for her quilt, Conversations with Diane, which won First Place in the Merit Quilting, Machine category sponsored by Bernina® of America.

Southern Delight, by Mariya Waters of Melbourne, was awarded an honourable mention in the Art-Pictorial category sponsored by AccuQuilt

Both Mariya’s and Ming’s quilts have previously been published in Down Under Quilts for awards they won in Australia.

And, the top prize - The Handi Quilter® Best of Show Award, ($10,000*) went to Sue McCarty of Utah for her quilt, Harmony Within.

Well done, one and all.