30 January 2011

Louis Vuitton Hand-crafted Banana fibreTrunks

Loius Vuitton stores around the world dedicated their window displays to Diwali — The festival of Lights in India, from November 1 to January 1.

While holidaying on the Gold Coast I was fortunate to see some of these amazing 'trunks', designed by Indian designer Rajeev Sethi. The trunks were crafted and hand-painted in India on banana fibre paper, glowing from within like Diwali lanterns.

(Rajeev Sethi is one of South Asia’s leading designers and is noted internationally for his innovative contribution to preserving and celebrating the subcontinent’s rich cultural heritage. For more than 35 years, through his work in design and architecture, performances and festivals, exhibitions, publications and policy, he has identified ways to bring contemporary relevance to the traditional skills of vulnerable artisan communities and creative professionals. )

Their luminosity was gorgeous in the night hours, even in these photos you can appreciate the effect.