28 September 2011

New Book Releases

I received this amazing pile of books from the Australian distributor - Capricorn Link - last week. A number of them will be featured in future copies of Down Under Quilts, Down Under Textiles and Creative Expressions, along with a review.

It is one of joys of the job of editor that we get to see so many books in advance, some I keep in my own library, I love books! And the other are given to various groups and guilds for their libraries, and then every now and then we do a giveaway too. Stand by for that ...

And, the shoes DID NOT fit :-(, they are half a size too small, boo hoo.

14 September 2011


Woo hoo, I just bought these from Liberty of London, online for 70 pounds plus shipping. How cool are they!

They are from the Liberty Nike Autumn Collection, just released yesterday. Thanks to Erica for 'liking' them on FB, it was the first thing I saw this morning.

These Nike shoes feature Helena's Party print, which originates from a lace flower design created in 1937. This print was part of a collaboration with Lauren Child, creator of the Charlie & Lola stories.

x dls