28 October 2009

Textiles Today!

Today we did the second half of photography for the new Down Under TEXTILES magazine.

There is such a great line up of diversity. I feel really grateful that it is all coming together so nicely. I am looking forward to people gaining benefit from the magazine; there is nothing else in the market catering to those of us who lament, "I wish I could ..." or "How do they do that?"

I have invited some of Australia's best-known textile artisans to help us with projects, information and galleries - and what a fabulous lot it is!

Today we photographed the step by step photos for the projects - count them - 10 in total!, the amazing ATC gallery and the many inspirational books and so much more.

The techniques we cover are lino printing, silk paper, paint sticks, stitching on Solvy, wet felting, dry felting and more. From talented artists such as Sue Dennis, Erica Spinks, Cecile Whatman, Dijanne Cevaal and multi-award winner Felicity Clarke.

And dont think that's all - there is loads more... will share a few sneak peeks tomorrow ... stay tuned.


26 October 2009

in two places at once?

For those who are wondering (Hi Fran) how I could be in Europe and in Melbourne... well, it goes like this...

I made the commitment to organise and lead the tour first, THEN in a very exciting and creative meeting with Expertise Events, we hit on a fabulous idea for an international display at 2010 AQC in Melbourne.

Fortunately, the Quilts & Flowers tour is lead by TWO leaders - myself and Lynn Hewitt. I will accompany the tour through to Giverny, France, then I will dash home to Australia and set up our stand at the AQC - and participate in the two workshops - I sure hope I can stay awake for them!

Lynn will take the group on to Amsterdam, and back home. Lynn is an accomplished tour leader, and normally leads our tours by herself - so I am sure that she, and the group, won't miss me for the last week.

Booked into AQC

Next year, for the first time, I will be attending the Australasian Quilt Convention in Melbourne. I will be hosting a stand there with quilts from around the world PLUS I just booked into two design classes! woo hoo. I have not participated in a workshop for many many years, and I am very excited.

I will be doing a class with Frieda Anderson USA - how bright is this little beauty! The class is called Laughing Leaves. (click here for class description)

And I am doing a class with one of our talented Aussies - Julie Haddrick. This class is called Start Designing! (Click here for class description)

Visit the AQC website to see all the classes and book in too!

22 October 2009

Fabulous Front Cover

Tomorrow morning I am off to Brisbane, to the Craft and Quilt Fair. Stop by and say hello, I am on stand J14... if you come by and say "I read your blog," I will give you a 2010 DUQ calendar FREE.
Next week the digital version of the November issue goes online, and the week after all printed copies of October are recalled from newsagents, so quick, grab your copy before it's too late. Or stop by the Craft and Quilt Fair and buy one from me, I'll sign it if you like.

Today I have been inspired by children. I am preparing the January issue of DUQ, and thought it would be a good idea to share some projects that mums and grans can either do with the kids, or for the kids, during the holidays. The projects include a fabric blackboard and a cute satchel. And, that issue is also focused on YO-YOs - one of my favourites (sorry Erica, she cant stand them!),

But, I get ahead of myself, I should be sharing a few insider peeks at the November issue ... what do you think of the cover?
The moment I saw the fleshly printed copy I fell in love! Congrats to Wendy Williams, the creator of the cover quilt AND congratulations to my son JAKE - he is the designer who put the cover together. (I am so blessed to have his wonderful talent shared with my magazine.) And the other two significant creators of the cover are the photographer - well done JIM (he got it first go!), and my gorgeous friend - and stylist - Georgie - kiss kiss.

20 October 2009

a floral designer?

On the weekend we held a baby shower for my daughter at our house. It was a lovely sunny day with no wind. We have a large backyard, so we set up the tables outside with white linen cloths, and a gorgeous handstitched embroidered table cloth my mother made for me almost 30 years ago!

I popped up to the shops in the morning and brought some bright lively flowers. I came home with a bunch of amazing poppies (my favourites) and some delicious rununculas. Then, down to the garden to cut some fish-bone ferns.

My almost-seven-year-old insisted on helping, so I left her to the task. And what a fabulous job she did, here are a few photos of the flowers. They are still gracing the house and giving us sunshine.


19 October 2009

camping photos

I am always on the lookout for design inspirations (note that I am also looking for TIME to do something with them!) ... isn't this pattern in the rock intriguing? If any of you clever people (who also happen to have time), can turn this into a design for a wall-hanging - Id love to see it!!!!

We were camping at Patonga. Which is the most southern point of the NSW central coast. This is the creek, where the kids have such fun playing in the shallows. And should the sun ever come out, which it did not while we were, then it really is fabulous for all - kids and big people alike!

This is the (not-so) salubrious inside of our tent, hmmm, a resort this ain't! I've got to say, that I had very good sleeps on those hard stretcher beds, to my great surprise!

However, when there are such gorgeous visions such as this twilight descending over the mountain, well, it's hard to complain ...
You know, now that I am looking at the photos, and explaining them to you, I realise that I don't hate camping quite as much as I wish I did ... BUT shhhh, don't tell my husband, I am still angling for a resort break to detox from the canvas and dust!

16 October 2009

Quilts and Flowers Tour - come along!

The FULL ITINERARY for our delightful trip to UK, France and The Netherlands is READY.

The itinerary was created to take advantage of the Quilts 1700-2010 exhibition that is showing for a limited time at the V&A Museum, London.

Lynn Hewitt and I are the tour leaders, and we look forward to meeting new quilting friends as we travel.

Click were to take a look at the great lineup of quilt shows, quilt shops and gardens, as well as castles, chateaux, textile and tapestry collections and so much more!!


15 October 2009

wind and cold weather and canvas!

Those who know me would raise their eyebrows if I were to say I was going camping. Indeed, so do I! However, my husband and kids think camping is the bee's knees, and it seems I'm out numbered.

Off we ventured last Wednesday for a four night jaunt. It's like moving house if you ask me - the amount of packing. Afore-mentioned husband and kids were having soooo much fun, we stayed for three additional nights - right through to yesterday.

The weather was not that kind to us, it was cold and windy the first few days, then the wind died down and the temperature improved somewhat - thankfully. Then a bunch of friends arrived and we had a great couple of nights.

As I walked around the campsite and the area I noticed how many indigenous trees there was. And some had gorgeous beautifully colourful Rozellas feeding from the blooms - sadly I didn't have my camera with me at those times :-(

I can't get the photos I did take, albeit not many, off the camera on this computer so will send some tomorrow from work.

Meanwhile, stay safe, stay dry, stay out of the wind, and preferably - out of canvas!

06 October 2009

The pleasure and the pain

Today I received the latest Quilting Arts magazine... woo hoo...

Then I turned the package over and on no! this is my last issue - oh the pleasure and the pain. Quick, re-subscribe!

I also received a copy of the latest Patchwork Quilt Tsushin magazine from Japan. I cant understand a word of course, but who cares, the quilts and little projects are divine.

This issue has a special feature on Bluish & Greenish Taupe (i can read that on the front cover). I just love the Japanese taupe fabrics, and this lot are such a pretty hue!

04 October 2009

those gorgeous rose-coloured goddesses ...

We are well on the journey to reveal all of the A4 artworks for the Bid-4A-Cause charity fund-raiser.

I just want to say, once more, how grateful I am to these extremely talented ladies - the cream of the crop here in Australia as far as textile/art quilting goes!

My grandfather died of stomach cancer, my uncle of bowel cancer ... it appears to me breast cancer will loom in my life, but so far, I am grateful to say, it hasn't. As a woman, it is impossible to ignore the facts; I acknowledge the importance of raising awareness and funds.

Pop over to Bid-4A-Cause and see the amazing textile artworks, and prepare your budget to BID, BID, BID. What a great opportunity to raise funds for breast cancer research, AND bring home a piece of artwork by a top Australian artist!


a review for a monday

It's a long weekend in Sydney, and I am spending my holiday Monday reviewing books. (s0rry one is upside down, perhaps it's an omen?)

I have been on a quest for information, for direction and motivation for some time. The urgency ebbs and flows, but rarely does better than trickle through the sidelines of my life.

This 'need' is quite a bit down the ladder of my life, but not in my ladder of my wants! To fit in a business, two + one big kids, and a son-in-law and a soon-to-be-born grandbaby and two little kids is quite a chunk of time, then - and this is the biggest time waster - a need for ten hours sleep a night is a dream crusher (excuse the pun - a daydream crusher!) Consequently, I can't find the time to explore my 'needs'.

When I was in Birmingham with my dearest quilting friend Erica, I came across a few amazing people (well a lot really) and their books - it is my professional task to review them for Down Under Quilts, and the NEW Down Under Textiles magazine. Take a look at the titles, what a joy I will have discovering - err umm - reviewing these beauties!


bring on the buttons

When I visited the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham in August, one of the treasures I found were these buttons.

I also bought some pink striped and spotted ribbon from Liberty of London.

Back home, I purchased about 5 metres of top quality linen.

In a few days I will be making linen scarves - some decorated with these fabulous buttons, some with ribbons,

and some with yo-yos created with red and gold striped silk.

I cant wait to 'play', will share the outcome with you.