25 December 2009

Inspired by Gwen

On the last day before Christmas (which seems so long ago but is only yesterday) hubby collected the mail from the post box. Among the post were two review books. One was by Gwen Marston, Liberated Quiltmaking II.
WOW, I am feeling very inspired and can already envisage two quilts. One with the red and blue colourway from the new Suzani range by Michelle Marvig, and one using the applique owl blocks I made 24 years ago. I used a range of deep, turkey reds and stitched them onto calico. I have made 12 of them, and can see a gorgeous Liberated Medallion using Gwen's methods. I have not ever been interested in making a medallion, but, everything changes... and what better time than the new year to make a few new quilt decisions.
This is two of the prints from the Suzani range, i think the colour combination is so delicious

I am spending the day in the Blue Mountains with my daughter and son-in-law and the new grand baby, Sadie. We have had a lovely day, and we are all looking forward to early bed tonight.


23 December 2009

where does the time go?

The short answer, I don't know! It feels like yesterday that I promised myself that I would temper the progress of 2009 to be a more suitable, manageable and memorable pace. Guess what, that didn't work, instead it rushed past in a mix of good and bad, leaving me wondering what the final result should be considered as - positive or negative?
Before you read any further, be warned, I am feeling a little reflective (which may translate as wordy, rambling, boring, or ... who knows).
I suspect this may be my last post before 2010. We head off tomorrow and will not return till NYE. Therefore, I am considering what went before and attempting to make sense and take forward some lessons.
here are a few of my lessons ...
  • I learnt that family is much more important than I ever imagined, or I could restate that by saying, i realised just how gorgeous your family is, by looking in the right places and pouring your true heart into the relationship.
  • I learnt the love from mother to daughter to grand-daughter.

  • I witnessed, and felt blessed by, the love and understanding of my son-in-law for my daughter.
  • I have come to know a grown-up and amazingly charming and connected young man - my son Jake.

  • I have constantly experienced the wonder of working with my husband. His knowledge, intelligence and generosity are invaluable. (Though, Darling, ease off in the control stakes!)
  • I have grown to realise you can't do everything, and that to graciously say no, or step away, is okay. (I suspect I have to work on that a little more!)
  • I learnt a lot about 'pure' (unadulterated) friendship when I traveled to England and France with Erica, thank you Erica! You put the true into true friendship.

There are more positives that don't come immediately to mind, so maybe not so insightful, but that add to the year that was, the person that will be. There are many negatives that I really don't feel like exploring right now. Although, I wont make the mistake of ignoring them altogether, they will be pondered over the Christmas break ... one thing I always promise to myself is to not regret, and not feel guilty. To stay humane I remain reflective and embracing of the lessons learnt the hard way. They are not be scorned, or feared, they make us what we are.

Now, to some loveliness ... here are a few photos I'd like to share in recognition of some of my more memorable and life-changing moments of 2009 ...

4 generations! Now that IS a special moment.

I have been lucky this year to have re-established a relationship with my three (and only) gorgeous aunties (after more than 20 years), here they are with their great-niece Tara-Lea and their great-great-niece Sadie.
LOVE you aunties!

I saved this image earlier this year, I don't recall from where, but I just loved the colours, happy Mondays? happy everyday!

My nine-year-old Mason knows his way around electronic items far better than us older folk... and he took this picture of his niece, Sadie, with this cute border.

That's about it from me this year. I will be camping between Christmas and New Year, and have a good book packed! IF, I can get access to a computer I will drop in.. meanwhile,

Christmas is about family, traditions, loving and accepting. It's not always easy, but it's always worth the effort!

From me and mine to you and yours, have a very lovely Christmas and a fabulous new year!


14 December 2009

Free pattern for Authentic Aboriginal prints wall-hanging

In the current issue of Down Under Quilts (on page 41) we offer a free pattern to make a wall-hanging made with authentic Aboriginal print fabrics. Since the issue was released a week or so ago I have mad many requests for the pattern, and thought you guys might like it too. Click over to the digital version, and send me an email if you would like a copy.

BTW, I just checked the link from page 41 back to my email addy, and it appears to be broken. My IT guy is coming in the office tomorrow, so I will get it fixed. Meanwhile, if you do want a copy email me at deborah (AT) creativelivingmedia(DOT)com(DOT)au


07 December 2009

My lovely weekend

I had the weekend to myself, which is unheard-of in my life. I was fortunate that there were a few fabric-related things I could do, guilt-free. Strangely, my heart kept skipping a beat whenever I contemplated the time, then I would take a deep breath and remind myself I did not need to be back for anyone.

First, I visited Material Obsession's Open Day. This is a great occasion to meet some of the tutors that will be presented workshops in the following year. There are many that I would love to do, including with Wendy Williams and with Kathy herself. Check out the timetable here, and sign up now, some classes are already booked out!

Then, I ventured further north, to Epping and attended my first ever ATASDA meeting. I met the amazing Kirry Toose, who was so charming and friendly. I also caught up with Nola Archer. Nola helped me with duQ project editing for a few years way back when ... it was so nice to refresh our friendship,and to be reminded how calm and clever she is! I caught up with zany (excuse the pun) Fiona Hammond who had some of her amazing beaded pieces on display and for sale! She is teaching some fabulous workshops for ATASDA next year - visit their website to find out more! You don't have to be a member to join their classes.

Later that afternoon, sitting on the back veranda listening to the crickets, and ONLY the crickets, I deemed at 5pm that it was WINE o'clock, and sat and read my book. About 8.30pm I toddled off the bed, mmm bliss.

On Sunday I did a little housework - not too much though, I didn't want to spoil my fun. And then sat and read my book almost all day, without the wine this time. I finished the book, the third of a trilogy, about 6.30pm last night. What a fabulous book, and what a fabulous weekend.

Where was the family? They went camping. I am starting to like 'camping' I think! Everyone went to bed happy, but a tad sunburned! :-( note to self, sunscreen IS required in the heat of the day!


01 December 2009

December 2009 Down Under Quilts ... and onwards

Down Under Quilts goes bi-monthly

The December 09 issue will be on sale in newsagents tomorrow and subscriptions are in the mail. This issue will be on sale right through to the end of January. As of next year the magazine will become a bimonthly. The release months will be February, April, June, August, October and December.

Many things have gone back to grass roots here, and I am thoroughly enjoying getting in amongst ALL that goes on with producing magazines. Three years ago I was running a company of almost 30 staff with up to eight magazines at one point. We had a great team and fabulous products. But, as time progressed I revisited my aims – and running a large company was not one of them.

Producing a magazine that I am passionate about is my aim. Next year I will be devoting time to creating the magazine and to creating the companion website, with the aim to make your experiences with the magazine and website and quilting in general more valuable. I hope to increase my personal interaction too, and will be in attendance at Expertise Events’ AQC and quite a few of the Craft & Quilt Fairs around the nation.


Ten A4 textile artworks have been sold with a total of $2200 raised for NBCF. There are four artworks remaining – at $100 each. Pop over to bid4acause.blogspot.com and make your BID now.

New Textile Magazine

Down Under Textiles is an exciting new Australian magazine that is entirely devoted to the textile arts of yarns, threads, fibres and fabrics. The first issue includes projects by well-known artisans and shares interesting techniques in easy-to-understand format.

Embellish a BAG and win $500

The Textile Art Festival organisers and Down Under Textiles have combined to offer a cash prize of $500 to the most creatively embellished bag. All entries will be displayed at the 2010 Textile Art Festival. As one of my ‘personal’ quilting friends, I want to offer you the reduced entry fee – which includes the bag handles and instructions – for only $25 (instead of $30). Click here for your entry form.

Visit amazing QUILTS & fabulous FLOWERS

Places are still available to join this wonderful tour through UK, France and Amsterdam visiting some of the most exciting quilt events and exhibitions as well as glorious gardens. View the itinerary here, and download your booking forms.

Visit http://www.creativelivingmedia.com.au/ to find out more about these exciting plans for 2010. You can also download order forms and entry forms.