31 July 2011

Binding Finished

You cant see much because it is to be a project in a future issue, so it's still under wraps.

But I can tell you a little about it ...

The pattern is a very old traditional one
The colours were inspired by a cover on a notebook I purchased at V&A in 1999
It includes many of the red/blue prints from the Suzani range by Michelle Marvig
I chose (most) of the fabrics, and purchased them
Lorraine (mummy) hand stitched the top
Kim Bradley machine quilted it
I sewed the binding on
It is called Thel's Garden, named after my grandmother (Lorraine's mum)

it's a bit eclectic isnt it?

The pattern, and a full size photograph will appear in the first Down Under Quilts issue of 2012.


30 July 2011

Visiting patchwork shops

In the last seven days I have visited 5 patchwork shops. What joy!

Four were in the ACT, when Erica and I went to Canberra to see the Rajah Quilt, and today I went to Wyong to Blueberries Patchwork to buy myself another tip for the Simplicity Bias Maker.

While I was there I met Ally Nicholl, one of our wonderfully talented designers, Hi Ally! If you would like to see Ally's latest quilt in DUQ, pop over the free digital version ... it is called Fiesta, and it sure is bright and festive.


27 July 2011

Making Binding

Yesterday a quilted top came back from Kim Bradley (of Kim Bradley Creations) and it is gorgeous! I cant show it to you, as it will be a project in a future issue.

The quilt is 200cm x 220cm, which meant that I needed to cut, sew and iron almost 9 metres of binding. It was a bit of a challenge to say the least!

I start way more quilts than I finish, so I had forgotten what a wrangle it can be to prepare the binding. I don't mind machine sewing it on, and I quite enjoy hand stitching it in place, but preparing it? urghh. and this was straight binding!

Imagine my fear at the thought of cutting and preparing around 8 metres of BIAS binding, which I need to do for the other quilt that has just returned from professional machine quilter - Heather Shanks of Heasha Quilting, Gold Coast. It has large scallops around the edges... (thanks Heather I LOVE the quilting)

Always the one to make use of handy tools where possible, I quickly searched for, and ordered a Simplicity Bias Tape Maker (click on the VIDEO button to see how easy it is to use!)

The machine arrives tomorrow, and I have to have the binding completed by Sunday evening, as the quilt will be photographed for the magazine next Monday. Plenty of time! (yeah right)

I'll be sure to let you know how easy it made the job of metres of bias binding for my Purple Puzzles quilt, appearing as a project in issue 150!


10 July 2011

In my sewing room

After one week in Queensland, on the warm sunny Gold Coast, we are back home in the cold windy weather with the fire blazing. But I am not sitting in front of the fire, I am up in my sewing room fondling fabrics.

I have prepared a backing for the quilt that is to be urgently quilted this week ready to appear in issue #150 of Down Under Quilts ...

I have auditioned a binding for a quilt top that mum made and gave me ....

And, I have cut 2 1/2in strips to make a series of four patches to make up the 'strips' between a luscious toile-like fabric with ornate columns ...

Bliss ...

04 July 2011

Visiting Gold Coast patchwork shops

When certain things collide other things occur. This week's collision involved ... first week of school holidays in NSW and my brother-in-law and cute nephew flying into Queensland from China for a week. Hubby declared we should pack up the kids into the car and drive to the Gold Coast to see Rob and Taj and visit my mum who lives on GC.

And here we are.

Mum and I decided to have a girly/quilty/fabric day today and luckily the Gold Coast quilters opened their biennial quilt show a few days ago, so off we set. First stop was Lilyana's absolutely delightful shop in Mudgeeraba, Patchwork Dreaming, then down to the Gold Coast Council Chambers to see the quilt show, and finally a trip down the motorway to Fantazia Fabric Land, Tweed Heads, where they sell fabric by the metre at very good prices! Considering I was looking for backings for at least three quilts this was certainly the place for me today!

Now, I have talked to my machine quilter Kim Bradley and arranged for one to be sent to her tomorrow,

What a good, good day!

01 July 2011

Crochet is like riding a bike

After many, many years of not one crochet stitch I purchased a kit of silk threads to make a crocheted scarf. It didn't cross my mind that maybe I couldn't still do it, but at first I had a little trouble with my trebles! But, it is like riding a bike, once you know how you can always do it. This is the start, it already looks so luscious!

And, just in case I need my training wheels back on, I found this fab book in the review pile (the books I am sent to review in the mags) and it is full of great info!

happy stitching x dls