22 December 2010

one last Christmas Post

quick, quick, one last thing before I jump in the car and head north to the camp site... I have to make a Christmas dress for Eloise, I hope she likes it. I made one for Sadie last week, and Eloise helped me sew the bow on.

15 mins later

Ok, that's done, no time to take a photo and share it with you, must away! Ill post photos of Eloise and Sadie wearing their dresses when I get back.

MWAH - have a merry Christmas xxxxx

20 December 2010

it's starting to look a lot like Christmas

From one side of the world to the other - from Holly Bush to Christmas bush,
may you enjoy the season's floral blessings!

In two days I am off to Manning Point, camping for nigh-on two weeks. We will be there for Christmas day, which has been a bit of a challenge to say the least - the food preparations, the redirection for Santa etc - you get the picture!

I'm not fond of camping, as anyone who knows me can tell you, but I must say that today I am excited! To have some lovely relaxed time (after a hectic six months) with my family is an exciting thought. We are near the beach and the river and there is a pool, so all bases are covered! The kids are getting boogie boards from Santa, and they already have fishing rods. What fun we will have. I am even looking forward to fishing, go figure!

Then we are off to the Gold Coast to visit mummy/granny! I haven't been there for a holiday for sooooo long. The kids will spend some time with Granny and Aunty, while we stay at a friend's apartment, and then we will ALL go to the theme parks - YIPEEE.

It's starting to feel a lot like FAMILY!

which is, let's face it, what Christmas really does look like!

to you all, and your loved ones, have a happy and wholesome Christmas with much love, serenity and joy!!!


The down side of Down Under Quilts ...

there's only one thing wrong with the next issue of Down Under Quilts - its so darn full of great stuff!

why is that a problem?

'cause i know, that like me, you will be pretty busy at this time of year and you are going to struggle to find time to read all those fabulous articles, let alone start a new project.

However, I am going to suggest that you stoically set aside a little time and indulge yourself. My top pick, if you only have a little time, is the International Quilt Week Yokohama photos, OMG those Japanese girls can make quilts!!!!

There is heaps of other great stuff. If you haven't got time to pop out and buy a copy - SUBSCRIBE - either to the print version (call us 02 4365 2995) or the FREE online version - visit www.creativelivingmedia.com.au - tell your friends too!

White = new begginings

... or so I discovered when I searched the meaning of 'white flowers'. "White signifies purity and perfection and can represent a successful beginning." hmm, that sounds significant!

A few days ago I was standing at my bedroom window, admiring the amazing Magnolia Grandiflora tree in the front yard which is about 10m high and wide! It is an amazing tree and is currently flowering. The flowers don't seem to last long, but they are splendid!

Magnolia Grandiflora

It was then that I noticed another fragrance, it took me a few minutes to recognise it - Gardenia! Oh bliss. I love that flower.

Gardenia jasminoides

When we moved here it was winter and as I do not have a huge knowledge of gardening I didn't recognise any of the trees, except the majestic Liquid Ambers, so as the trees around the property flower I am having all sorts of lovely surprises.

I took these photos of my lovely trees, and I continue to enjoy their beauty and fragrance!