29 March 2011

Decorated Cake Boxes

At our new, little country school (only 180 students) they have a very clever way of ensuring that parents send in cakes for the cake stall ...

they give the kids a blank, fold-up cardboard cake box and they are challenged to decorate it, a prize is awarded for the best one.

The catch is, it must come back to school not only decorated, but filled with a cake! You can imagine that the kids do not allow that baking to go unfinished, 'cause that would mean they couldn't return their gorgeously decorated box!

Groan, I find it hard to find the time to do these things, working basically full time as I do! And now I have to help them decorate a box AND make a cake?

Guess what, I cheated! I helped them decorate the box ... how cute is it! and then I popped up to Bakers Delight and purchased an Apple and Walnut Log to put in it!

Ta da! dls x

23 March 2011

A bed turning?

After all these years I have discovered a new quilting term today - "Bed Turning'. It seems to be used in America, but I haven't heard it used here, have you?

It is a way of showing a collection of antique quilts. I suppose it can be used to show a modern collection too.

Pop over to Bonnie K Hunter's blog and take a look at one she went to a week or so back when she was teaching at the 17th Annual, A Mountain Quiltfest, in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, USA.

Do you think we should adopt this idea here in Australia?

11 March 2011

From this ...

to ????

Go along and find out for yourself - you wont be sorry!

Eastwood Patchwork & Quilters are displaying more than 140 quilts in the 2011 Biennial Quilt Exhibition from today to Sunday at Brush Farm House, Lawson Street, Eastwood.

I was one of the judges of this year's show, and can tell you, without a moment's hesitation, that the quilts on display are just marvellous!

While you are out and about, the Craft Expo is close by, at Rosehill Racecourse, maybe drop in there too!

have a lovely crafty weekend!

Paducah AQS Quilt Show & Contest - Semi Finalists Announced

The 27th Annual AQS Quilt Show & Contest will be held in Paducah from April 27-30, 2011 at the Paducah-McCracken County Convention Center.

The List of Quilt Contest Semi-finalists is here.

Congratulations to all, especially the girls from down under - at a quick glance I see Steph Newman, Ester Aliu, Jenny Bacon, Linda Steele and Pam Hill - if you find more, let me know.


09 March 2011

Their loss is my gain ...

It is not nice to be smug about gaining from someone else's loss, however ...

As many know, Borders and Angus & Robertson, who are owned by the company Red Group, went into receivership recently. At the moment not all A&R stores are closing, but the one at Erina Fair - which is closest to me - is. All stock is 50% off!

I picked up these two books, both of which I have been coveting for some time.

I am a fan of Royal Historical Books, and I have anxiously awaited the release of the second in Philippa Gregory's War of the Roses Trilogy (the royals immediately prior to the Tudors), The Red Queen.

Blossoms and Shadows by Lian Hearn, has captured my attention the last few times I've been into book shops, but as a book-buyer-aholic I have to curb myself. She is an Australian writer, and has a very nice website - www.lianhearn.com,

Blossoms and Shadows is the story of the birth of modern Japan, told by Tsuru, a young woman who breaks every stereotype of the Japanese lady. We meet her on the day of her sister's wedding, and soon realise that she will not accept the same domestic role that her sister is about to take on. Instead, Tsuru is ready to embrace the new world, defend her beliefs, look for love, and follow her career as a doctor working alongside her husband on the battlefields.

In the mid 1860s Japan was in the grip of a revolution almost as tumultuous as the French Revolution 100 years earlier, yet we in the West know very little about it. This book lets readers feel they are there among the revolutionaries, guided by the engaging character of Tsuru. By the end of the first chapter readers will feel they know her, and want to fight with her as she battles against the conventions of the day and falls into a forbidden love.

so, if one near you is closing, and you love books as much as I do, pop in and bag a bargain!

Farewell to a quilt pioneer - Jean Ray Laury

Last week, one of the world's most talented and influential quilters, Jean Ray Laury, passed away at age 82.

Not only was she instrumental in reviving quilting in the 70 & 80s, she uplifted women's souls and expectations with her kindness, support and encouragement.

Jean made her first quilt in 1956 and went on to write more than 20 books about quilts and quilt making and taught classes throughout the world, including Australia.

Among her many accolades, are ...

Her quilt, Barefoot and Pregnant, was considered one of the twentieth century's best American Quilts, and is listed here, as #52.
In 1999 these quilts were included in a Houston installation titled ‘America's 100 Best Quilts of the 20th Century’

Her name appears in the book 88 Leaders in the Quilt World Today .

In 1982 she was elected into the
Quilter's Hall of Fame

and in 2002 she
was one of ‘30 Distinguished Quilters’ selected for inclusion in the International Great Quilt Festival in Tokyo.

One of her books,
No Dragons on My Quilt, is one of our family favourites ...

Rest in Peace ....