11 May 2010

thanks for the fun Frieda Anderson

At AQC a week or so back (OMG why does time fly so fast?) I participated in Frieda Anderson's Laughing Leaves workshop. Not a sewing machine was to be seen - but here's what I made!

With nothing but double-sided fusible web and heat to hold it together - how clever. I have heard quilters exclaim that fusible web is permanent many times, but never really had the confidence to test the theory myself. Plus the minimal experience I had with it, about 7 years ago, was that it would not stay adhered to the fabric (I've since learned that fusible web has a 'use-by-date').

I believe that if you only learn ONE thing in a workshop you are in front, just one new technique to blend into your future work. The piece you make in the workshop is, in my opinion, a bonus to the other tips, tricks and techniques that generous tutors share!

After Frieda's workshop, and her generosity as a tutor, I can confidently handle fusible web and I look forward to making use of it in future projects PLUS I've got this bright funky wall-hanging ready to be quilted!



  1. That looks fabulous! I love the way you combined those lovely bright colours!

  2. You did a fabulous job and it turned out wonderful, thanks for being in the class you were a lot of fun and I enjoyed meeting you.

  3. Isn't Frieda fun to be with and she does such beautiful work.