12 November 2010

Alison Schwabe - Guest Curator

Each issue when I am putting together the Deborah's Snippets & Scraps section I take myself on a little armchair journey around the world via the WWW, looking for news-worthy stories to share with Down Under Quilts readers.

This time I have alighted on the SAQA website and will be giving them a little promo in issue 146.

There are so many things to see on their website, including a virtual gallery and lots of images - pop over and take a look.

This month's guest curator is Alison Schwabe and this is the comment she has left on the SAQA website regarding this month's online gallery:

"Time - it's a relative concept of course, and regardless of the period of time concerned, every object or situation changes with time, moving through stages of birth, maturation and decay to 'death', figuratively speaking. Some changes are instantaneous, but others so slow that we barely perceive them taking place. The result of time passing may shock us - a well remembered face now heavily lined after many years, or a grown man steps forward in the place of the young child we remember from long ago.

Archeology, geomorphology, history, genealogy, mythology, meteorology, vulcanology, astrology, geology, sociology ... all of these disciplines and more are referenced by at least one quilt in this collection. In taking a close look at how other artists are handling this subject, I found the following collection very interesting, and present them for your enjoyment in this month's online gallery."

Sounds like an interesting collection doesn't it? why don't you visit now ...


  1. Prudence Bridger13 November, 2010

    Hi Deborah, the link to SAQA does not work. Should be SAQA.com not .org. Regards.