29 March 2011

Decorated Cake Boxes

At our new, little country school (only 180 students) they have a very clever way of ensuring that parents send in cakes for the cake stall ...

they give the kids a blank, fold-up cardboard cake box and they are challenged to decorate it, a prize is awarded for the best one.

The catch is, it must come back to school not only decorated, but filled with a cake! You can imagine that the kids do not allow that baking to go unfinished, 'cause that would mean they couldn't return their gorgeously decorated box!

Groan, I find it hard to find the time to do these things, working basically full time as I do! And now I have to help them decorate a box AND make a cake?

Guess what, I cheated! I helped them decorate the box ... how cute is it! and then I popped up to Bakers Delight and purchased an Apple and Walnut Log to put in it!

Ta da! dls x

1 comment:

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