28 June 2010

Half is X2

I have been so crazy with the move, and the Craft & Quilt Fair recently that I have hardly had time to think about the blog - well that's not true, I did think about it, and was troubled that i had left it stagnant for so long. But despite my best intentions, a lack of Internet connection sealed the fate of no posts.

We now have connection, albeit v e r y slow! Of course there are lots of things that have been happening that I'd love to share. Tonight's not the night though, it is 6.50pm, and hungry kids that need food baths and bed need my attention. But, one thing I will share, as it is one of the happiest things that have happened to me since moving ....

I am very fortunate that I have a half sister that I simply adore, she is 14 years my junior and from my Mothers second marriage. And, now I have two! Almost serendipitously, (we had made contact via email about 6 months ago, but had no idea at all that living here would put me in her 'sphere') I have been reunited with my other half sister, Leah who is 12 years my junior from my Dads second marriage. She and her partner own a catering business on the Central Coast, and a cafe at Erina Heights - which IS MY local cafe! What a surprise and a JOY!

This is she and I! What a gift! This move has given me more than I ever hoped for.


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