02 June 2010

Sea, Tree and Books from France

We are in the middle of moving house and office. We are having a tree and sea change, moving to Matcham which is 14 minutes west of Terrgial Beach on the Central Coast of NSW.

We have been anticipating this move for a month or so now, and only just got confirmation last Friday. One thing about my procrastinating husband, when he DOES make his mind up things move very fast.

One nice little respite in all the craziness going on around me was opening a box form my dear friends at Quiltmania. Carol had written to tell me that she was sending me some treats ... and what a treat they are!

These books have been published by Quiltmania for the European market and the content is in French and English.

Thank you Carol for your niceness, it is appreciated!!



  1. Moving is never fun, but worth it in the end, if you are happier.

  2. Welcome to the Central Coast. Hope you're settling in well. Looking forward to seeing you at the quilt and craft expo on Wednesday.