05 April 2011

Down Under Textiles #4 out soon - pass it on

Down Under Textiles issue #4 is running just a little late, but the good news is that it is only a few days away! I will be driving to Sydney (4hours round trip!) to collect boxes on Thursday, when they’ve cleared customs.

Here is a little about this issue – if you are tempted, then give us a call and order your copy NOW, or if you prefer to receive your magazine online, visit our website.

Threads, ribbons, fibres and glittery bits, products such as Tyvek, Lutradur and Textiva, along with some foiling, yarn bombing and free-motion stitching and viola – you have the forth fabulous issue of Down Under Textiles (even if I do say so myself!).

We show work from talented artists – the talented trio Zigzag, weaver Liz Williamson and explore the Indian influences on Fiona Wright’s personal life and art. There is a review of the annual ATASDA exhibition and we share some of the work from the Textile Tantrums exhibition – all of which will introduce some exciting and tactile pieces to tempt and influence.

Plus, there is the opportunity to put some of the ideas into projects – Samantha Pope shows you how to make pretty embellished brooches and Lynda Worthington shows you how to make a glamorous evening bag.

I hope that in the plethora of loveliness, brightness and intrigue you can find some good ideas to add to your experiments of the textile kind! Have fun, and as Neroli Henderson says ... never dismiss a medium that will add to your design concept just because it doesn't fit with anyone’s idea of what you 'should' use.

Call us now to order your copy or print subscription – 02 4365 2995

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