12 April 2011

Off to AQC ...

Everything is packed and ready to go, tomorrow morning I leave home to travel to Melbourne for the Australasian Quilt Convention. I cant recall how many there has been, but this is my second time of exhibiting.

We will be at stand 182, conveniently located close to the Quilt Displays, yeah! Please stop by and say hello. There are a few great reasons why you should stop by, and not just because we'll have a chat ...

1. Down Under Quilts #147 will be there HOT off the plane, I air-freighted in three boxes only, the rest are all sailing serenely towards our shores as we speak. So, if you want to be one of the first 120 people (that's all I've got!) to own a copy, come and see me.

2. On the front cover of said issue 147, there is a gorgeous quilt - Sarah Fielke's Ups and Downs. We will have this quilt live at the show to motivate you.

3. The fourth, fabulous issue of Down Under Textiles will be there, hot off the press.

4. While on the subject of Sarah, last week she launched a brand-new book - Quilting From Little Things. This is Sarah's first solo book, and it is truly magnificent! We will have limited stock - only 32 - of these also ... don't miss your copy!

5 thru to 1000+ there are many things to see and do at the 2011 AQC.


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