26 October 2011

Japanese Motifs Book Giveaway

I have the review copy to give away to one lucky reader. All you have to do is tell me what you like best about Japanese quiltmaking and the motifs they use. Leave me a comment here ...

I will announce the winner on November 18th.
cheers dls


  1. I have SOOO many Japanese Quilt books out there - I LOVE Sashiko stitching - I LOVE Japanese and Japanese-inspired fabrics. . I made several quilts for "Quilts for Japan" after the disaster. I would be SUPER excited to win this book. . I'm sure I could do MANY creative things with it. THANKS FOR THE GIVEAWAY!

  2. The Japanese have some terrific designs and I especially like how they do the Sashiko stitching too. Thanks for the chance to win this fabulous book. Hugs Vicki x

  3. Japanese quilts using understated colour and asymmetry, combined with their attention to detail give the WOW factor for me. I love the quilts where stylised kamon or floral motifs are included in both traditional and contemporary styles, as it represents respect for their traditions and history. Although modern quiltmaking has only existed in Japan since WW2, the Japanese designers have embraced the art form and made something entirely their own. These quilts immediately proclaim their origin. I am awed and inspired by their creativity.

  4. Japanese design has that unbeatable combination of simplicity and the complex ... plus ... hello! ... blue!
    and sashiko
    amd shibori
    and assymetrical design

    what's not to love ?

  5. Japanese motifs are unbelievable, precise, full of stories and significance. They are amazing for embroidery designs, spectacular with batiks. Ho so hummy for my xmas.

  6. Japanese quilts exhibit attention to detail, color and balance. Quality and zen harmony abound from each quilting endeavor. There is no rush to finish. Simplicity, exactness, and a respect for history show through all patterns. I would be ecxtatic and honored to win a book depicting time honored symbols and patterns for Japanese quilts
    Annette Renard

  7. I would love to learn more about Japanese quiltmaking. The common theme for the quilts that I have seen and loved is their simplicity.