28 October 2011

Upcycle, Re-invent, Inspire

On my way to Gosford Train Station recently I noticed these exciting, enticing words ... Up-cycle, Re-invent, Inspire, on a shop window. There wasn't enough time to take a good look and see what type of shop it was. But today, on my way back from dropping my son at the station I parked and visited!

What a treasure trove! The store is called The Bower Bird Project and it has a similar feel to a sewing cafe. They offer workshops and lessons on various sewing and craft techniques. Plus they have an adorable collection of bits and pieces.

OMG - bangles made from KNITTING NEEDLES - I must have one! they wouldn't fit over my fist, but not from lack of trying! More are coming in soon, hopefully in bigger sizes

Many things are handmade by locals, there is fabric and oodles of buttons, vintage clothes, vintage chairs, and other gorgeous stuff too.

It is run by Leanne, and I hope to get back there often to visit, maybe even join a sewing group.

Meanwhile you can visit their website or their Facebook page - happy hunting.

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