16 November 2011

Up-cycling my son's knitted sweater

Once Aponce A Time, more than 16 years ago, my mother knitted this divine Aran-style sweater for my son Jake (who is now 26).

Sadly, he wasn't too fussed with it, and the few times he did wear it it was under sufferance. I held on to that sweater no matter what, simply because of the time and love that had gone into it. This year I tried to get my now-11-year-old son, Mason, to wear it, nope, he isn't keen either.

I have unpicked the seams, which were so beautifully stitched mummy, I could barely see them! I have cut the ribbing off. I am planning to make some cushions. Jake has recently moved into a new flat with his girlfriend, so I thought these cushions would be useful, plus satisfy my desires that the hand-work is still cherished.

I hope to complete them soon, I will post a photo when they are done.

x dls

Or, I could make a bag like this vintage bag I found online just now - here - take a look, they are selling the pattern. What a fab idea!

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