08 August 2012

a busy quilter, magazine editor and mum

Phew, what a big few weeks, and it will be for at least two more! It's not all bad, just exhausting.

A few weeks ago I realised that I needed to make a quilt for besties 50th - which was last Saturday. So, from whoa to go it took me a couple of weeks. I made it a simple strippy style combining Moda Chez Moi fabrics and some gorgeous linen. Quick to cut and quick to piece. Then I machine quilted it (my third only machine quilted quilt!) on my new machine, Gonzales my PFAFF GrandQuilter.

I didn't see bestie on her actual birthday, I will see her tomorrow and give her her new quilt. I made a cot quilt for her youngest when he was a baby - he turns 14 today! - and a bed quilt for her then 5 year-old - soon to be 18yo son. It was about time I made one for her too!

I have also started piecing and almost finished a quilt top for a 40th birthday this coming Monday - hmmm, that may not make the deadline, but I am still trying.

I have a new (financial) year resolution to finish one UFO quilt a month, so far I have finished July's, a lap-size quilt top that I made six years ago - that has gone to grand-bubba Myles as his floor-quilt. August is looking pretty busy, but I have a small top that would be excellent to practice some 'feed dog down' quilting on Gonzales. There is no shortage of UFOs at my house ...

I have also been managing the design of the September issue of Down Under Quilts for the past week or so. Some issues go together very smoothly, this one, however, has been a pain. It just keeps going, and going, and every time I think we are almost done, another problem pops up. Arghhh, I am over this issue.
Tomorrow we will gain final approvals on ads, and I should have all the editorial finished too - then off to the printer.

Lastly, in my mum role I have been running kids around to basketball training, basketball games, swimming squad and sewing lessons. This week we had to get Mason to school early Monday for a school camp, and Eloise early today for a two-day excursion to the Blue Mountains - it was 3 degrees at the school at 7.40am this morning, brrrrrr. I suppose it will be even colder in Katoomba - stay rugged up kids!

Among all those fun, tiresome activities I have loads of birthdays to celebrate in August, including my own, here is the roll call ... happy birthday to one and all of my dear peoples ...

3 - Georgie
4 - Bestie Bec
6 - Sami (daughter)
7 - Maya
8 - Ally, Matilda and Jack Riley
10 - Zoe
13 - Nadja (and Me too)
15 - Matt

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