14 August 2012

What I know ...

Or, rather, what I should've remembered ...
I have long recognised that I, and all quilters, should support our local quilt shops. If we don't they will fail. We, in turn, will be left bereft of a local, knowledgeable, supply of all the lovelies we wish to buy.
Although, like many, I am attracted by the prospect of cheaper fabric for quilt backs.
Recently I purchased 3m for a backing from lincraft.
Today, after cutting and sewing, while ironing the prepared backing I noticed a hole! Omg, worse, it appears repeatedly! Huurrumph!
Back downstairs to stash - fortunately I had meterage of another suitable print, and the backing was completed.
Lesson - resist cheap fabric!!!!!
After all that work you don't want the back to let you down, support your local stores - they will have sales... You can buy good neutral backing fabrics on sale.
Save your quilts - save your local stores!

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