10 November 2009

A baby, a 24 hour plane journey and a batch of cookies ...

what do these three things have in common?

These are the things that my four children are awaiting right now!

Tara-Lea's baby is due in a few days; Jake boards a plane in 36 hours and flies from New York back to Sydney and right now, Eloise and Mason are cooking vanilla cookies.

I wish I could take a photo and show you how cute they are, the cookies that is. They are little shapes, no bigger than 1 1/2in in any direction, and the first batch is out of the oven.

Jake has my camera, and while I can't share pics of cookies, I guess I will concede that photos from his NY NY trip are more important right now. He celebrated his 24th birthday in Times Square - how cool!

lets hope the baby 'pops' out (as Eloise says) soon, the plane journey is ontime and uneventful, and that we don't burn the next batch of cookies.

sweet dreams..

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