23 November 2009

A calm woman's desk?

Last week I wrote, and I quote...

"At present I am just putting the finishing touches on Down Under Textiles. I cant tell you how excited I am!

And, then in the afternoon, I had the breathing space to refocus on the next issue of Down Under Quilts. More on that later."

I sounded quite calm didn't I?

Here I am "with more on that.." The "breathing space" has turned into "hyper-ventilation", as I stare down the barrel of a LOT of work to be finished by the end of the year. YIKES.

Does this look like a calm woman's desk? No, not to me either...

(gotta love Christine Cohrs quilt in the foreground! - it is a project in #140)

On my desk you can see the (new) distraction of a beautiful book that Lynn Hewitt bought back from Japan for me. It is called Kuroha Shizuko and shares 38 divine quilts, each with an English explanation of the quilt (thankfully). I can't understand the instructions, but that doesn't matter, lucky for me I honed my drafting skills more than 25 years ago!

Now, back to that messy desk, (note to self - put my gorgeous new book in the bag to take home...) and get some work done. The projects for #140 were all completed last week, thanks to Lorraine (mummy or GREAT-GRANDMA as she is known to at least one person). This week I am sub-editing the articles. Then it's into design next week... and then I can breathe deeply. Uh, maybe not, then it's Christmas, oh well maybe next year I can breathe? Perhaps that can be my new year resolution?


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