22 November 2009

new life for old fabric

Yesterday at the NSW Guild meeting at Burwood RSL, the guest speaker was Diane Groenewegen, artist and a collector. She has collected embroideries, buttons (her favourite), aprons and more over 40+ years. She shared slides of her works that she has created from old fabrics, doilies and embroideries. She does not cut up fabrics that are in good condition, choosing rather to breathe new life into those that are damaged. Cutting away the good bits and allowing them to live on in another creation.
If you look closely at this image, you can see the individual pieces cut from old fabrics, joined together to make a still life. The background is an old table cloth.
Diane also does block printing and other textile art techniques, teaching
these skills around the country. She is a member of ATASDA and on their website you can see Diane's Member Gallery more of her work. What a gracious lady, I could easily imagine her cherishing and patting her buttons collections!

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