23 December 2009

where does the time go?

The short answer, I don't know! It feels like yesterday that I promised myself that I would temper the progress of 2009 to be a more suitable, manageable and memorable pace. Guess what, that didn't work, instead it rushed past in a mix of good and bad, leaving me wondering what the final result should be considered as - positive or negative?
Before you read any further, be warned, I am feeling a little reflective (which may translate as wordy, rambling, boring, or ... who knows).
I suspect this may be my last post before 2010. We head off tomorrow and will not return till NYE. Therefore, I am considering what went before and attempting to make sense and take forward some lessons.
here are a few of my lessons ...
  • I learnt that family is much more important than I ever imagined, or I could restate that by saying, i realised just how gorgeous your family is, by looking in the right places and pouring your true heart into the relationship.
  • I learnt the love from mother to daughter to grand-daughter.

  • I witnessed, and felt blessed by, the love and understanding of my son-in-law for my daughter.
  • I have come to know a grown-up and amazingly charming and connected young man - my son Jake.

  • I have constantly experienced the wonder of working with my husband. His knowledge, intelligence and generosity are invaluable. (Though, Darling, ease off in the control stakes!)
  • I have grown to realise you can't do everything, and that to graciously say no, or step away, is okay. (I suspect I have to work on that a little more!)
  • I learnt a lot about 'pure' (unadulterated) friendship when I traveled to England and France with Erica, thank you Erica! You put the true into true friendship.

There are more positives that don't come immediately to mind, so maybe not so insightful, but that add to the year that was, the person that will be. There are many negatives that I really don't feel like exploring right now. Although, I wont make the mistake of ignoring them altogether, they will be pondered over the Christmas break ... one thing I always promise to myself is to not regret, and not feel guilty. To stay humane I remain reflective and embracing of the lessons learnt the hard way. They are not be scorned, or feared, they make us what we are.

Now, to some loveliness ... here are a few photos I'd like to share in recognition of some of my more memorable and life-changing moments of 2009 ...

4 generations! Now that IS a special moment.

I have been lucky this year to have re-established a relationship with my three (and only) gorgeous aunties (after more than 20 years), here they are with their great-niece Tara-Lea and their great-great-niece Sadie.
LOVE you aunties!

I saved this image earlier this year, I don't recall from where, but I just loved the colours, happy Mondays? happy everyday!

My nine-year-old Mason knows his way around electronic items far better than us older folk... and he took this picture of his niece, Sadie, with this cute border.

That's about it from me this year. I will be camping between Christmas and New Year, and have a good book packed! IF, I can get access to a computer I will drop in.. meanwhile,

Christmas is about family, traditions, loving and accepting. It's not always easy, but it's always worth the effort!

From me and mine to you and yours, have a very lovely Christmas and a fabulous new year!


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