25 December 2009

Inspired by Gwen

On the last day before Christmas (which seems so long ago but is only yesterday) hubby collected the mail from the post box. Among the post were two review books. One was by Gwen Marston, Liberated Quiltmaking II.
WOW, I am feeling very inspired and can already envisage two quilts. One with the red and blue colourway from the new Suzani range by Michelle Marvig, and one using the applique owl blocks I made 24 years ago. I used a range of deep, turkey reds and stitched them onto calico. I have made 12 of them, and can see a gorgeous Liberated Medallion using Gwen's methods. I have not ever been interested in making a medallion, but, everything changes... and what better time than the new year to make a few new quilt decisions.
This is two of the prints from the Suzani range, i think the colour combination is so delicious

I am spending the day in the Blue Mountains with my daughter and son-in-law and the new grand baby, Sadie. We have had a lovely day, and we are all looking forward to early bed tonight.



  1. Oh, oh! I am waiting so eagerly for my copy of this book, but I want it NOW! Love those fabrics and looking forward to seeing how you incorporate them. Have a wonderful holiday, Deb.

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