07 December 2009

My lovely weekend

I had the weekend to myself, which is unheard-of in my life. I was fortunate that there were a few fabric-related things I could do, guilt-free. Strangely, my heart kept skipping a beat whenever I contemplated the time, then I would take a deep breath and remind myself I did not need to be back for anyone.

First, I visited Material Obsession's Open Day. This is a great occasion to meet some of the tutors that will be presented workshops in the following year. There are many that I would love to do, including with Wendy Williams and with Kathy herself. Check out the timetable here, and sign up now, some classes are already booked out!

Then, I ventured further north, to Epping and attended my first ever ATASDA meeting. I met the amazing Kirry Toose, who was so charming and friendly. I also caught up with Nola Archer. Nola helped me with duQ project editing for a few years way back when ... it was so nice to refresh our friendship,and to be reminded how calm and clever she is! I caught up with zany (excuse the pun) Fiona Hammond who had some of her amazing beaded pieces on display and for sale! She is teaching some fabulous workshops for ATASDA next year - visit their website to find out more! You don't have to be a member to join their classes.

Later that afternoon, sitting on the back veranda listening to the crickets, and ONLY the crickets, I deemed at 5pm that it was WINE o'clock, and sat and read my book. About 8.30pm I toddled off the bed, mmm bliss.

On Sunday I did a little housework - not too much though, I didn't want to spoil my fun. And then sat and read my book almost all day, without the wine this time. I finished the book, the third of a trilogy, about 6.30pm last night. What a fabulous book, and what a fabulous weekend.

Where was the family? They went camping. I am starting to like 'camping' I think! Everyone went to bed happy, but a tad sunburned! :-( note to self, sunscreen IS required in the heat of the day!


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  1. I read that trilogy too... isn't it great? un-put-downable!!