20 December 2010

The down side of Down Under Quilts ...

there's only one thing wrong with the next issue of Down Under Quilts - its so darn full of great stuff!

why is that a problem?

'cause i know, that like me, you will be pretty busy at this time of year and you are going to struggle to find time to read all those fabulous articles, let alone start a new project.

However, I am going to suggest that you stoically set aside a little time and indulge yourself. My top pick, if you only have a little time, is the International Quilt Week Yokohama photos, OMG those Japanese girls can make quilts!!!!

There is heaps of other great stuff. If you haven't got time to pop out and buy a copy - SUBSCRIBE - either to the print version (call us 02 4365 2995) or the FREE online version - visit www.creativelivingmedia.com.au - tell your friends too!

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