20 December 2010

White = new begginings

... or so I discovered when I searched the meaning of 'white flowers'. "White signifies purity and perfection and can represent a successful beginning." hmm, that sounds significant!

A few days ago I was standing at my bedroom window, admiring the amazing Magnolia Grandiflora tree in the front yard which is about 10m high and wide! It is an amazing tree and is currently flowering. The flowers don't seem to last long, but they are splendid!

Magnolia Grandiflora

It was then that I noticed another fragrance, it took me a few minutes to recognise it - Gardenia! Oh bliss. I love that flower.

Gardenia jasminoides

When we moved here it was winter and as I do not have a huge knowledge of gardening I didn't recognise any of the trees, except the majestic Liquid Ambers, so as the trees around the property flower I am having all sorts of lovely surprises.

I took these photos of my lovely trees, and I continue to enjoy their beauty and fragrance!


  1. Oh how gorgeous, Deb! I adore them both.

  2. Another of my favourites, though I haven't seen nor smelled it here, is deadly night shade... snifffff, that is glorious, and as the name implies, is fragrant at night.

  3. Hi Deb
    Can't wait to see you all in the new year. I am amazed you can recognise liguid amber - is it maybe, because, it was Poppie's favourite tree? (BTW plants/flowers don't take a 'capital'). I have some white ginger tubers (I think that's what you call the cuttings) for you to take home - smells very yummy. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx