31 July 2011

Binding Finished

You cant see much because it is to be a project in a future issue, so it's still under wraps.

But I can tell you a little about it ...

The pattern is a very old traditional one
The colours were inspired by a cover on a notebook I purchased at V&A in 1999
It includes many of the red/blue prints from the Suzani range by Michelle Marvig
I chose (most) of the fabrics, and purchased them
Lorraine (mummy) hand stitched the top
Kim Bradley machine quilted it
I sewed the binding on
It is called Thel's Garden, named after my grandmother (Lorraine's mum)

it's a bit eclectic isnt it?

The pattern, and a full size photograph will appear in the first Down Under Quilts issue of 2012.


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