27 July 2011

Making Binding

Yesterday a quilted top came back from Kim Bradley (of Kim Bradley Creations) and it is gorgeous! I cant show it to you, as it will be a project in a future issue.

The quilt is 200cm x 220cm, which meant that I needed to cut, sew and iron almost 9 metres of binding. It was a bit of a challenge to say the least!

I start way more quilts than I finish, so I had forgotten what a wrangle it can be to prepare the binding. I don't mind machine sewing it on, and I quite enjoy hand stitching it in place, but preparing it? urghh. and this was straight binding!

Imagine my fear at the thought of cutting and preparing around 8 metres of BIAS binding, which I need to do for the other quilt that has just returned from professional machine quilter - Heather Shanks of Heasha Quilting, Gold Coast. It has large scallops around the edges... (thanks Heather I LOVE the quilting)

Always the one to make use of handy tools where possible, I quickly searched for, and ordered a Simplicity Bias Tape Maker (click on the VIDEO button to see how easy it is to use!)

The machine arrives tomorrow, and I have to have the binding completed by Sunday evening, as the quilt will be photographed for the magazine next Monday. Plenty of time! (yeah right)

I'll be sure to let you know how easy it made the job of metres of bias binding for my Purple Puzzles quilt, appearing as a project in issue 150!