23 February 2012

Not a stitch

Since the day that I brought home my latest (third) sewing machine I have been ill. Normally, and thankfully, I am not prone to illness, mostly it is three years between, luckily! However, a bug got me down and out last week, and I am still struggling.
Being ill has meant I have not had the will to plug in and sew on my Singer 160, which is so frustrating. But, I do have faith that when I do sit in front of my black beauty it will be wonderful.
That reminds me of something, who recalls watching Elizabeth Taylor in the movie Black Beauty? I fell in love with her , and the whole movie, when I was around 5 (mid 1960s) and to anyone that asked what my name was, the earnest, heart-wished, answer was Deborah Lorraine Velvet Kerrigan. Was it those beautiful violet-coloured eyes, the gorgeous shiny black hair, the wonderful horse? I can't recall, but I do recall the fever of my passion.
And now, having witnessed various 'loves' of my children, and recently grandchild, I see the beauty in such connections, and the joy it brings in their 'now' and their future memories.
Comparing Velevt to Dora ... ? Each generation to their own!?
X dls


  1. Hope you are feeling better soon...

  2. Lorraine Moran24 February, 2012

    Hi my lovely. Correction: you would say your name was "Deborah VELVET Lorraine Kerrigan". Just switch the Velvet and Lorraine and you have it correct. Are you feeling better now?
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Mummy