01 February 2012

what I am loving

The fabrics I am using to make Sadie's (grandkid#1) 'big girl' Strippy quilt. The hearts will be appliqued on. The method is really easy - I will share full instructions after I have finished it.

The Story Book Bunting I made last weekend. The pages are cut from an old Golden Book - The Saggy Baggy Elephant. I have a stack more Golden Books that I am looking forward to making into bunting too!

I never thought I'd say this - but I am loving my tissue box! My sister bought it for me from the Reject Shop - how cool!

I am loving my gorgeous, little, pretty Singer Featherweight sewing machine! My husband owned five sewing machine shops when I first met him (21 years ago) and he had a few vintage sewing machines that had been accepted as trade ins for new machines. I deemed that two of them (this and another old singer) were the 'dowry' he brought to the marriage, fair?

I am also loving Zumba, which I did for the first time last night at the local school hall, what a blast! I cant wait for next week's session.

I am loving the fabulous projects I have lined up for DUQ over the next five issues. Gorgeous quilts from favourite designers - Chris Jurd, Ally Nichol, Vicki Hines, Gaye Watson and Susan Carr, and some fabulous quilts from other talented quilters well-known around the country - but new to DUQ - Chris Timmins, Val Crump and others.

I am loving that school went back, that my kids are being good, that my sister is staying with us (love her company), that grandkid#2 is due ANY day (and I will be at the birth), that grandkid#1 is sooo fricken cute - and many other things.

Most of all, I am loving my husband, 'cause most of the above wouldn't even exist if it wasn't for him in my life!!!

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  1. Hi Deborah, Hope you are going well with the Zumba and I too love your sewing machine. I have emailed you a couple of times and for some reason they arent getting thru to you. I have sent another one from a different email address so hopefully it will get to you. Thanks Vicki