06 February 2010

Answers to comments ...

I will post a list of businesses that will stock the new Down Under Textiles magazine on Monday. (I remember some of them, but it would be unfair to miss any out of the list ... so stay tuned.)

This new title is a little too obscure for most newsagents, so rather than put my energies into a less than satisfactory response I decided to them in to securing coverage through your local specialist stores. They are, after all, the specialists ... and I am keen to support them, in this fresh, hot market.

Although ... stores are not used to stocking magazines, so please give me a hand by putting pressure on YOUR local supplier - or send me their info - I'll work on them! ;-).

Sarah Ann, I will contact you early next week :-).

The magazine cover price is $9.95. Postage in Australia - as per Aust Post - is $2.75. For those outside Australia, the international postage is $6(aus).

The magazine is at this stage*, a biennial magazine - released January and June. (yes, yes I know, the first one is running late, I am so hoping you think the wait is worth it!!)


*put pressure on me if you want it more regularly, I'm easily influenced!

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  1. It is hard to put put pressure on my LQS to carry a $16 magazine before any profit for said store. How about just ONE big box book store.... shipping has become very expensive.