02 February 2010

Down Under Textiles has touched down

The very first shipment has arrived on Australian docks (we print offshore). God (and wharfies) willing it will be delivered to us within a week. Then all those textile lovers who have ordered a copy will get theirs within a few days more. Only a handful of businesses have, at this stage, ordered copies. I will post a list on Monday - so you can track it down.
The magazine will not be sold through newsagents, so put pressure on your local specialist retailer to contact us and order some copies.
This is a great technique shared by Erica Spinks ...
And a great tutorial from Dijanne Cevaal on how to make linocut prints ...
Sue Dennis shows us her great techniques using oil sticks from Shiva PaintStiks.

Dijanne Cevaal also shows us one of the many techniques on how to use Lutradur ...

And Samantha Pope shares step by step instructions on stitching a lacy delicate scarf, using Solvy as the base ...

We invited talented tutors from around the world to comment on their opinion on COLOUR ...

Plus, see some great journals to inspire you ... some of the best textile artists use journals to record their design sources and inspirations ... you can too ...

This is one of the fantastic artworks that Felicity Clarke shares with you ...

And much, much more... out soon.

I love it, I hope you do too! xxdls


  1. why the decision not to distribute through the same newsagents that carry DUQ? I personally would like to take a better look inside before purchasing

  2. Looks great but I too would love to take a look before buying. BTW -How much is it in AUD incl postage? And I can't seem to find your email either...?

  3. Deborah...I'm interested! How much would it cost to post a copy to the US? you can contact me via my website, then my site will grab your e-mail and we can take the conversation into e-mail...


    Click on the Contact Me tab in the menu bar across the top of the page...THANKS!

    Sarah in Camden, Maine (far northeast of the US)

  4. PS...Sarah here again! I know Luana Rubin of eQuilter, and shared this blogpost with her. She is interested...please contact either me or Luana directly! THANKS! REALLY looking forward to seeing this magazine--will you be doing international subscriptions? Thanks again, Sarah

  5. Maybe a list of local stores around the country that are stocking the new magazine would be helpful to some of us please. Am keen to see this new magazine.

  6. Deborah, I would love to buy this, but how -would you post it to the UK? -how can I contact you (dont really want to put my email on the blog).
    Would be happy to pay up front. thanks Hanneke Wood

  7. I've got my copy in my hot little hand and I love it! Please don't make me wait too long for the next one! Bi-monthly would be good - the off months of Down Under Quilts!

    Hugz and thanks for the great read!

  8. It looks really interesting. Would you also sell it to Germany? If so - at what costs?