20 February 2010

Does fishing run in the genes?

If so, it skipped a generation. My grandfather was a champion fisherman - back in the days when there were plenty of healthy fish to catch. His specialty was Flathead, Tailor and Bream. As a small child I accompanied him on many many fishing expeditions, he made me my own line, and a little fishing basket with my gear. I also trawled along the beach for prawns, yabby-pumped, gathering weed and made burly with my Pop. None of this fine apprenticeship seems to have had any lasting effect though. I do not have the patience to fish and not a scrap of the skills I once had.

My son Mason, seems to have got the fishing gene. He is so keen and I will never take him (mean Mum!), but today I relented and joined him on the jetty just near our house. He had no bait so I took some bacon (I don't recall using bacon as bait when I was kid) and helped him put it on the hook.

Take a look at the view. I took my Sudoku puzzles and sat with him.

Eloise tried her luck with a hand reel.

With the first cast he caught one. A baby tailor, about 10cm. It wriggled and jumped and flopped straight into ... my bag ... eek, that wasn't the plan! We were squealing with delight, and forgot to take a photo. We tipped him out of the bag and back into the water.

Bait up, try again. He hooked a bigger one - 15cm this time. Still so excited we didn't get a photo.

Some time later we decided to give up and go home, and just then he landed his third, even bigger fish! 20cm this time! Still not a legal size, so off the hook, kiss goodbye and back in the water. This time we got some photos ...

That was fun...



  1. Squeaksqueal20 February, 2010

    Memories..of Sunday afternoons on Mosman Bay wharf catching leatherjackets for dinner. Yes I had my own handlines and gear and used green prawns as bait.

  2. Lorraine Moran23 February, 2010

    Memories? Wow, I read this with tears in my eyes. My beloved father was a fine (and devoted) fisherman. Every week our family dinner table was supplied with several meals via his fishing line, not to mention crabs, prawns, and lobsters.
    Atta boy Mason, your great-grandad is looking down clapping. Lorraine (mother of Deborah, grandmother of Mason)