06 February 2010

Other stuff ...

(other than Down Under Textiles I mean, 'cause that's high on the list of my life's topics right now) ...

Early this week I learned that Yvonne Porcella is battling cancer. Her son posted a heartfelt message to the SAQA website to let everyone know, and invite their prayers. Among many, many achievements, Yvonne was the founder of SAQA.

I recall that, when my mother first wholesaled patchwork books in Australia (count them - 25 years ago!), one of the reasons she carried and distributed Yvonne's books was that she had met Yvonne in America, taken one of her classes and was immediately transfixed with her methods, approaches and skills.

This week I have become aware of a quilter I did not know before - Jacqueline de Jonge. Jacqueline lives in the Netherlands, and to say that her work is colourful, is a GROSS understatement. Take a peek at her gallery - it is breathtaking!

The best part is - she will be teaching workshops IN Australia in May this year! Oh my, to make a quilt with Jacqueline is one of my new TOP goals. Her visit is being sponsored by the Barbara Meredith International Tutor Trust and she will be teaching on the Gold Coast and at other destinations (TBC). I am definitely joining in, I hope to meet you there!

... okay, going to keep it brief now, Hubby has booked a movie on Foxtel and it's nigh time I sat down and relaxxxxxed,
  • Went to Friday Showcase at Quilters Guild of NSW head office yesterday - Carol Timmins is not only extremely prolific, she is humble, talented and versatile.
  • Have bookings for more than half of the spaces for the Quilts and Flowers Tour in May, pls consider coming, Lynn and I would love to have your company!
  • My kids each went to different birthday parties today .. lucky ducks, they were so happy, nice to see.
  • I am O. V. E. R the rain! forgive me farmers but I truly ruly am!!!
  • Had a great nite last nite with lovely, funny friends and think I may have had one (or two?) glasses of lovely wine too many.
  • Have been invited (by one of those lovely friends) to join her for two nites in Seal Rocks.. so tempted, think I will..

Ok, me done, talk soon ...


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  1. Such a small world; last night I was reading Interpretations & Innovations from Quilt National 1989. Yvonne Porcella was one of 3 jurors that year.