02 July 2009

A blogger or a quilter today?

Today I received two books I have been waiting for - Art Quilting Studio - premier edition, and Artful Blogging. Both are produced by Somerset Studio of USA, and sold in Australia by The Thread Studio.

I have been following their magazines for around 15 years, when they first produced a magazine actually called Somerset Studio - which was a collection of amazing stamping creations. Over the years they have widened their range to include all crafts and in true Somerset Studio style, every one is produced to exacting standards, with THE most divine contents.

My dilemma is which one to start with? Then, there is the pile of guild newsletters, magazine subscriptions and various reading material that is also demanding to be read.

And, then, there is duQ September issue to finish off ... I think today I will only have time to be an editor, sigh, tomorrow I will reassess.



  1. Oh well, there goes my last penny again. I have been able to avoid the Somerset mags on the basis that they are gorgeous productions but deal with crafts I do not do. I didn't know that were doing an art quilt one... and guess what - the ony shop I know who stocks these mags in the Uk is in near the British Museum in London and guess where I will be next week....

  2. Oh, Deb - I MUST see these! How tantalising they sound....

  3. they are divine, got a quick browse last night. After flicking through the Art Quilting Studio one, i've decided I just cant get enough of the hot orange and pink/red combo! bliss

  4. Hey Helen, will we (Erica and I) see you at Festival of Quilts in Birmingham?