08 July 2009

Sewing (or not) with Erica

Ahh, yesterday I finished the contents of Down Under Quilts 136 - the BLOKEY September issue... a little closer to its release date I will tease you with some photos...

For now, I get a few days to take a breath before I start the next issue. And what great timing, cause today is my once a month get-together with Erica.

Once a month Erica and I get together for about half a day and sew, or knit, or ... today we did neither, we were too busy chatting about a number of things to thread a needle!

We looked at the new ArtQuiltingStudio magazine, and I cut some selvedges off my fabrics for Erica ...

We had Banana Cake (which I baked this morning) and coffee that Erica picks up at the local Birchgrove cafe - Charlottes - my favourite! ... I think we both had two pieces of cake ... but who's counting!

See the little zipper bag? It says Make a Friend, stitched in chain stitch, with a button sewn on... I got it from Smiggles, don't you think it's too cute?

I got to see Erica's latest blocks in the ... fabric... they're zingy and fresh and so delectable.

I rearranged my Spotty Spikes to reveal a STAR between each, rather than a small square (well smallish-8in, compared to the size of the 'star'). I've got to say, and Erica concurs, the stars are better! What do you think? The fabric isn't filling the space real well, but you get the drift?

It means the quilt will now be two x three rows. Much more manageable - size wise, I was afraid that the quilt might up and eat me when it was three x three - it was so big and menacing.

And Erica showed me how to do a few more things on my blog ... hence it's re-arranged and a little disarrayed (until my skills improve).

AND, we talked about our trip to England and Paris - mon dieu! what fun we will have Cherie.

See Erica's blog for the cute little bag tags we are using - we will bematching, mine is pink, and her's is blue. We are so excited about the trip, and have lots of planning to do, woo hoo.


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