21 July 2009

Photo Shoot & Goodwill

My favourite days in the life of an editor, are the days we do photography. Today we photographed four quilts on location and took some groovy close ups to tempt you even further. The quilts we photographed were three for the October issue and one that Erica made using selvedges for a future issue.

It is so much fun being able express oneself creatively through the medium of images. And when you work with two such fabulously creative and talented souls - hi Georgie (stylist) and Jim (photographer) its almost impossible to stop at one picture.

We propped one of the October issue's quilts (you'll love it, it is a collaborative quilt by Sue Spargo and Sarah Fielke) with amazing wooden bowls from Ethiopa. Here are the two we used today, and they are filled with glorious beads (also for sale).

Georgie (our stylist) and her husband Joe, adopted their gorgeous daughter Poppy from Ethiopa. They have been focused on supporting African charities, and their latest venture is to import an amazing array of artefacts and sell them here to raise funds.

This Saturday 25 July they are hosting a Goodwill Gathering at their home, where you can see and buy lots of new stock. If you are interested, send me a message and I will send you the details.

I had a sneak preview today, and have already put my red SOLD sticker on the larger of the two bowls in the photo.


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