01 July 2009

Year 1 Artwork

Each year, each class makes a collaborative artwork, which is auctioned at the Trivia Night to raise funds for my kids' school. This year I volunteered to coordinate Eloise's year one artwork, with a degree of trepidation. What on earth could we do, they are only six years old, and the other parent coordinators were so talented. I am not competitive, but I wanted ours to be the best!

After a couple of hours I developed an artwork that included the children stitching onto felt shapes with Perle thread and attaching buttons. They really enjoyed it, and the boys had a ball.

Another mum and I attached all the shapes onto a large canvas (1.2m x 1.6m) into a 'tree' and glued buttons randomly too. The colours don't look right in this photo :-(, they are light pink, deep pink and light and dark green...

The artwork raised $400 at the Trivia Night on Saturday. Next year, I am planning on raising $800, so Ill have to raise the bar with my idea... hmm... maybe a quilt, king size? no, I am not competitive...


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