24 July 2009

WRAP Unwrapped

Today I went to the city to see the WRAP Unwrapped exhibition and listen to a floor talk by two of the talented members of the group. The talk was about the history of the wagga, the background to the exhibition and the stories collected by the nine-member group along the way. I met three of the WRAP members - Robin Kaltenbach, Annette Glare and Prue Hill.

Nine women banded together to research the history of waggas -a 'make do' blanket or quilt synonymous with the depression era in Australia, although its provenance goes back further. The end result is an enlightening exhibition that echoes the history of a frugal, make do item, juxtaposed with the future - shining pieces inspired by Australia's waggas. The groups technical expressions included embroidery, swatches, felting and fabric, assembled into such diverse pieces as umbrellas, a jackets, a book, baskets and wall-hangings.

Robin and I

I was particularly taken by the pieces created by Robin. I was intrigued to see that the inspiration Robin drew from the humble, and mostly dour-coloured wagga interpreted itself into bright embroidered pieces. Along the way her journey also included learning to use an Embellishing Machine, and the results are fun, whimsical and happy - a nice translation of Australia's waggas I thought!

An example of some of Robin's embroidery, that she created onto a woolen sample, experimenting with the Embellisher Machine.

I dont know what has happened to the colour here :-(, but at least you can see the gorgeous flowers Robin has created on her exhibition piece.

Visit the WRAP blog to see and learn more.


PS, thanks Erica (BB) - the html was on DUH!

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