25 March 2010

Cloth and Culture

In my role as Editor I get to review books that relate to the magazine's content. Over the years I have reviewed a huge amount of varied titles. These days, my review copies are limited to textiles and quilts.
Not that I am complaining. Limited, is NOT the word I should use though!
In the past year the amount of books coming into Australia or produced in Australia has tripled at least. The amount of distributors that send me books has tripled too. John Reed Books is a distributor that has just introduced their craft catalogues to me. The first shipment of books for review arrived from them today! They sent me a collection ranging from sewing for kids, through to art quilts, quilts and textiles. These will be reviewed in issue #2 of Down Under Textiles and issue 142, 143 of Down Under Quilts.

And, they sent me the most astonishing hard cover book I have had the
pleasure of opening for some time!

Cloth and Cutlure by Ruth E Funks is an illuminating exploration into the engaging world of this artist’s remarkable body of work. This beautifully compiled book has 288 pages bursting with brilliant imagery and layered with enlightening insights into Funks' craft.
This stunning photographic documentation of her work, showcases Funks unique design aesthetic as applied to wearable art, her passion for the medium, and her innate understanding of evolving fashion.

Her pieces include a versatile collection of design and creation techniques, with each garment providing a springboard of imagination and application into the textile lover’s and artist’s worlds. Above the inspiration, this delightful monograph is an authoritative historical documentation of a talented American artist’s contribution to the fibre and style community worldwide and an essential textile art guide for the design and fashion enthusiast.

This book is published by Independent Publishers Group and distributed in Australia by John Reed Books, RRP $66.95. It will be available in book stores and specialist shops around the country. ..... or,

You can buy a copy from me (limited time-limited numbers)

for – $60+postage.

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