07 March 2010

Red and Blue and Avignon too

On my way home from the quarterly ATASDA meeting on Saturday I stopped at Material Obsession in Gladesville. It was not that I needed more stimulation, I was already over-stimulated! But I did 'need' some fabric. For a new quilt idea that may well take another few years to even be started. Turns out the toile fabric I was looking for wasn't what I expected, so that didn't come home. However, I spotted some blue and red fabrics that will go just nicely with the colour palette I have chosen for the hand-pieced - hand-quilted quilt that my mum is making me!

When my generous friend stopped by a second-hand stall in Harrington on New Year Day and bought me a gift of old quilt patterns she didn't realised just what a gift that would turn out to be...

When I posted some pics of the patterns my mum asked me to send her the Aunt Martha's Rose pattern. Suspecting she wanted to make a quilt with it, I begged her to make it for me. Happily she agreed, and asked me what colours I'd like.

Last year I discovered the colour due of rosie red and bright blue. I have been seeing this combination a lot since then, particularly in Michele Marvig's new fabric range - Suzani - that is the starting palette, and these little beauties are destined for the same quilt.

I picked up this floral and had to have it - along with a spot and a stripe. (There is ANother quilt idea I'd like to explore) Do you think it needs another fabric? Mmm, I'm not sure, I am going to try it with just these three.
When the lovely lady at MO was cutting the fabric I glanced at the selvedge and saw that the name of the range is A Breath of Avignon by Sandy Klop for Moda. Avignon is one of my favourite cities of the world - how serendipitous!


  1. Snap! I bought a metre of that floral fabric too. I love it so much that so far I have only washed it and stroked it....

  2. what are you thinking of doing with it?