04 March 2010

random thoughts

as pertains to my life's thoughts right now.

1. Feeling very grateful to the generous folks at SINGER for sharing one of their latest quilters models with me - The Confident Quilter - makes me feel more skilled already!

1. I have just quaffed 200gm of smoked salmon, drenched in the most delicious juice of not-terribly-expensive limes. And, wondering how incongruent was it that I was eating it off a melamine Hello Kitty plate ... nevertheless, it tasted fabulous.

2. Is this the start of a career in astronomy? (do they all sit on tables when 9?) Check out the telescope - bless Mason, he is going to look at the stars tonight. I couldn't even even see past the backyard with it - but, he is very committed, today!

3. Very much anticipating the quarterly ATASDA meeting on Saturday. So many nice friends to catch up with, and then lots of new ones to make! AND soooo much to learn...

4. Anticipating the Jacqueline de Jonge workshop in June - check out the NSW Guild's blog for updated info (for Sydney) or Gold Coast web for other states. I am so not into foundation piecing BUT you simply must see Jacqueline's work - it is tremendous. I must have a quilt like this in my life! If you don't want or need a workshop, be sure to contact Chocolate Coated, who are one of the few Australian sellers of Jacqueline's patterns.

5. This is one of the ways that my time gets wasted in the office ... (to be more accurate - the only way my time gets wasted, but hey... its all for a good cause!)
ah, yes, did you need me? we are busy ...

what about a bit of a chat?

this is the culprit - Sadie Deborah - does she enhance the quilted background do you think?

yours in stitchery .. dls

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  1. Sadie Deborah and Down Under Textiles are just awesome! Sadie might just win by a little bit, but then you are biased! DUQ is brilliant as usual. I do hope we get DUT (huummmm) as a regular repeat! I learnt so much more!

    Hugz Deb

    (wish I could take my grand babies to work!)