25 March 2010

Let's blog about love Ba.By

let's blog about you and me ... sorry couldn't resist imposing the words of one of my favourite songs.

You simply MUST go to the Pour L'Amour du Fil blog... (translation = For the Love of Thread...) and I'm loving it BIG time!
We (as in 14 lovely ladies and Lynn Hewitt and I) will be travelling together to visit this event (in France) in April, and spending two fabulous days soaking up a modern, sophisticated and deeply respectful and innovative celebration of threads and fabrics. (Bravo Carol)
There will be workshops from International tutors - Sue Spargo and Sarah Fielke and more, and displays by astonishingly talented people such as (the master) Yves Nohara from Japan, (his display includes this rather large quilt - 6m x 8m ... plus others)

This workshop by Jane Bolton takes my fancy ... I hope I can fit it in!

Plus we will see displays by Francoise Marchadier - embroiderer, and Yves Loyer who does fabulous works that purrrrrs with excitement (cats are one of his favourite motifs!).
As my dear friend, Carol Veillon (talented and insightful organiser) says (in English translation) "so expect to be palpitations"... Carol, I am being palpitations already!

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  1. Be still my heart! PLEASE take lots of pictures if you do the Janet Bolton workshop. Her stuff is FANTASTIC. So jealous.