17 March 2010

The life of an editor

This week has been, and will continue to be, huge!

here's what's on the agenda, not necessarily in this order ...

  • Two days of photography - one on location shooting gorgeous images, and one in the studio doing flat shots and step-by-steps so we can be sure to share the instructions to make quilts and textiles in the best possible method,

  • Checking DUQ 142 proofs,

  • Checking Creative Expressions 27 corrections,

  • Placing all advertising into CE27,

  • Finishing off Down Under Textiles #2 content,

  • Organising the display of quilts for the Australasian Quilt Conference in April/May,

  • Completing travel plans for the Quilts + Flowers Tour, afore-mentioned in my last blog,

  • and confirming the workshop with a talented tutor, for our 14 travellers, in Giverny, France.
I'm sure that's not all, but that is the bulk of it. Good thing for me, I simply love my job, and all that I do, how fortunate am I?


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