02 August 2009

Stitching in Lamb's Valley

Here I am with Aunty Krissy and Aunty Doffy.

Just arrived back in Sydney after my lovely few days in Lambs Valley. The weather was gorgeous, although it was windy, and Friday was quite chilly. By the time this morning dawned the wind had gone, and we sat out on the deck to have coffee and cake.

Homemade - of course. Lavender and Honey cake (front), and Whole Orange cake (at back) and coffee made by our personal barman and barista - aka Uncle Hugh - on his wiz-bang coffee machine!

We had great fun sewing for a few days. The main objectives were for my two aunties to cut up a whole bunch of doilies, ready to make a quilt each, and for me to start and finish two cot quilt tops for my eagerly-anticipated grandbaby due in November. Alas, I did not have enough of the pieces cut out for one, so that only got 1/5th done. The other one was a whole batch (or would that be flock?) of flying geese in warm and cool colours - a la Material Obsession style! I am afraid to sew the strips together, I need Kathy's input for the next step.

While we were quietly sitting by the fire last night, me arranging the flying geese blocks, Aunty Krissy hand-quilting (the lovely sampler quilt she learnt with Lynn Hewitt), and Aunty Doffy making a gorgeous Asian-style dinner, I found out that two of my great-aunties (my grandmother's sisters), are sewers and they do patchwork! I think I have a mission to embark on ... to catch up with them, and their quilts! I haven't seen either of them for more than 20 years - to be perfectly frank, I was surprised they were still alive.

The embroideries were very bravely cut up, and here they are ready to be sewn into six strips of 2x2in-wide strips. Both have a king size bed, and this is all the doilies used, so it was a close call, and fortunately no squabbling broke out, they shared very graciously. The strips will be off-set with silk ribbon and wide fabrics strips. Should be gorgeous! Will share a photo when they're finished.

And, here are a few of the views we had to gaze upon, in between sewing and eating ... sigh

As I drove back down the mountain (we were 300m above sea level - which you just may have guessed by the view) I came across the herd of wild horses that live on my Aunty and uncle's property and there was the brand-new-just-born-yesterday foal ... too cute!

This little fellow was named, by Auntiesx2, Patch to honour our weekend of patchwork sewing. While we were sewing his mummy was labouring to bring him into the world; how nice it was that today was warm and sunny for the little Leo bloke! Hey, just had a thought - he was born on August 1 - Horses Birthday!... omg... how clever.

Later tonite, after kids are asleep, will google stuff to do in PARIS - how many sleeps now Erica? Got the tickets on Friday - it's really happening ...


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