02 August 2009

Top 10 things

... in random order...

Eating vegies and herbs fresh picked from the garden

Baking and eating homemade cakes

Having happy birthday sung to me by beautiful people with beautiful voices

Sewing pieces ready for the grandbaby's cot quilts

Sewing with my aunties

Sitting by the huge fire

Being loved, and loving back

Seeing a fresh-born foal - which has been named "Patch" in recognition of our patchwork sewing weekend! (see photo on blog post below)

Picking lavender that was soooo fresh it was awesome!

Gazing over a wondrous view

Finishing off my linen scarf, and wrap-around Be-Be-Bold skirt, thanks for the button hole aunties! (yes, it was a two-woman team effort - and they're experts at it now)

:-) I hope your weekend has been filled with such small and lovely blessings too.


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