18 August 2009

Sunny London Town

Here we are in sunny (yes, sunny - and hot) London. Yesterday we took a Big Bus tour around the city and saw all the sights. I didn't realise how large the city of London is!

Our first stop, of course, was Liberty of London. OMG - we were overwhelmed. What an amazing store, four levels of exquisite items ranging from fabrics through to amazing etched handbags. Don't ask the prices, they were way out of reach. We spent almost 2 hours here.

Then last night we visited Harrods, what another amazing experience.

Today we off to Windsor Castle, then the V&A museum, then an exhibition about Henry V111, it is the 500th anniversary of his coronation and there are a few exhibitions in and around the city.

Will keep this brief, suffice to say, I am overstimulated and LOVING it!

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